I Hate People or Timon of Athens - Sport for Jove

I Hate People or Timon of Athens - Sport for Jove

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Posted 2024-01-09 by Lynne Vertannesfollow

Sat 06 Jan 2024 - Sun 21 Jan 2024

Performed in the stunning Everglades Gardens, Leura

Timon. Photo Credit: Kathy Luu

This production has been adapted by Damien Ryan, who also stars as Timon, and Margaret Thanos. This dynamic duo has created a bold, daring and very entertaining adaption of Shakespeares, Timon of Athens and given it a very modern take.

Timon and Friends. Photo Credit: Kathy Luu

Timon loves nothing more than lavishing his companions, who are no less than parasites, taking, indulging and living off Timon's heart of gold and pockets of gold! And they all have a lot of fun, with parties, music, dancing and revelry until it all comes to a screeching halt.

Apemantus & Timon. Photo Credit: Kathy Luu

Amongst these false friends are 2 true friends who try to warm Timon of his inappropriate spending and lavishing of every whim to the "so-called friends" are his loyal chief Steward Flavius, Alcibiades the captain of a military brigade, and the voice of pessimism - Apemantus, a philosopher, the only one who doesn't want anything from Timon, except for him to see reason - but who wants to listen to the party pooper when you're having a great time with your great friends.....until the "great" times end tragically and the "great" friends disappear.

- Party Time. Photo Credit: Kathy Luu

When Timon realises his cache of cash has expired, he thinks everything will be OK when he appeals to his friends to help him out and one by one, each of them denies him. As revenge for his act of betrayal, he hosts one more party for those who have betrayed him and while they continue their false friendship, thinking they will be lavished with the finest food and wine, he deceives them with a meal they were not expecting and Timon who is now enraged with the ingratitude and betrayal, strips himself bare, cursing his beloved city of Athens and runs away, to live in exile.

Timon in Exile. Photo Credit: Kathy Luu

Timon revels in exile where he is no longer akin to people or possessions. Will his fortune change though - One day he is out in the barren field digging in the dirt for food when he strikes something hard beneath his shovel. Will he allow history to repeat itself or has he learned the lesson of generosity? When all is said and done, it didn't pay off the first time around.

A wonderful, lively performance that had me enthralled and amazed at the brilliant acting and clever script, staging and costumes. Set in a stunning location, with beautiful views and surroundings, this is a show to be seen! This is the 2nd Shakespeare performance I have seen by Sport for Jove and they are remarkable at bringing Shakespeare to life in these outdoor performances, so if you are not familiar with the plays, as I wasn't the first time around, you certainly will have an understanding by the end of the performance and you will be wanting to see more!

Event Name: I Hate People; or, Timon of Athens
Presenter: Sport for Jove Theatre Company
Location: Leura Everglades Gardens, Leura, NSW
Dates: Friday 6th Jan - Sunday 21st Jan 2024
Tickets: $30 - $47.50 (plus booking fee)
Performance bookings here

Bring a picnic and rug or there are also chairs available for seating.

Performance Notes
Simulated drug use
Simulated sexual themes
Full frontal nudity
Depictions of suicide
This production is recommended for ages 15+


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